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News on Our portfolioJuly 15, 20210Oliver Davies – Appointed CEO of Aureum Diagnostics

Norcliffe Capital are delighted to announce the appointment of Oliver Davies as CEO of Aureum Diagnostics. Olly has over 30 years’ experience working at the cutting edge of the medical diagnostics industry. During his career Olly has held multiple leadership positions including CEO, CTO, COO, and VP R&D within early-stage innovative VC funded start-ups and established blue chip companies. He has worked for Abbott, Inverness Medical, Alere and Johnson & Johnson, as well as a number of medical VC funded start-ups and university spinouts. Whilst serving as R&D Director at Inverness Medical Olly was also part of the team that ensured a smooth integration with Johnson and Johnson after their $1.3bn acquisition of Inverness Medical.

Norcliffe’s CSO, David Onions, said

It is a great privilege to welcome Olly on board. It is rare to find a CEO with great technical knowledge of the industry as well as a wealth of management experience at the highest levels. Olly’s skills will be an important factor in driving the rapid development of Aureum Diagnostics.

Olly Davies indicated

I’m delighted to join Aureum Diagnostics at this important and exciting time.  Aureum’s game changing technology has the potential to drive truly transformational change within the point of care diagnostics industry. I am thrilled to join Aureum’s impressive team of founders and board members as we work to bring the company’s uniquely rapid, low cost and highly sensitive point of care diagnostic products to market.


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