Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all your money. These are high-risk investments and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong.
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Our investors have the opportunity to
invest in the UK’s leading innovative investments.

Our investments have proven IP and are in growing, global markets

where the Norcliffe Capital team’s experience and expertise can accelerate progress and potential investor returns.
Are you a high net worth or sophisticated investor?
Do you want to invest directly into a company, rather than via a fund?
Are you looking for tax efficient investment options?
Do you want to support companies with revolutionary, life changing technology?

Why investors choose us:

Capital Growth – Focused on providing exceptional capital growth.

Transparency – We pride ourselves on our open and honest approach, providing comprehensive investor packs and ongoing communications.

Management – We appoint directors to the board to look after our investors’ interests.

Tax Efficiency – Investment can be made in a range of tax efficient ways including the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), self-invested pension plans (SIPP/SSAS) or a family investment company to access private company investments.

Co-Invest – We invest alongside our investors.

Risk Warning

Your capital will be at risk and there is no guarantee of any investment return. The value of investments may go down and you could lose all of your investment. Private company investments are not listed on any market and this means that you may not be able to sell them when you want to do so. This sort of investment does not provide a reliable source of income. The tax benefits of private company investing depend on your personal circumstances and on compliance with the relevant rules. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. We do not provide investment, tax or legal advice.