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As a venture capital firm specialising in medtech and biotech, we have the privilege of supporting the future of life science technology. Our investments are driven by a mission to make a meaningful impact on healthcare, whether it's improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, or saving lives. It's been truly eye-opening to witness the incredible talent and innovation of UK scientists and business leaders in the medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Each year we come across hundreds of outstanding innovations, and we meticulously choose the ones that have the potential to revolutionise healthcare for our investment portfolio.
Patricia Reynolds, CEO
It is such a privilege to support the next generation of life science technology. Our investments focus on meaningful causes that enhance the healthcare journey, save costs or save lives. Having more insight into medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical developments over the past few years has been an eye opener and revealed how truly talented our UK scientists and business leaders are. We see hundreds of outstanding innovations each year and carefully select those to join our portfolio of investments.
Patricia Reynolds, CEO

Patricia is the visionary founder and Chief Executive Officer of Norcliffe Capital. With an impressive career spanning over 28 years in finance, Patricia brings a wealth of expertise in advisory, finance, and venture capital to her role.

Since 2013, Patricia has dedicated her efforts to pre-investment due diligence, equity fundraising under the EIS and SEIS schemes, and post-investment business management. Her transaction portfolio includes diverse industries such as life sciences, healthcare, technology and IoT.

Before venturing into the world of venture capital, Patricia spent 15 years at RBS, where she provided strategic financial advice for the corporate and commercial banking sectors. Her experience in these roles has honed her ability to navigate complex financial landscapes and identify promising investment opportunities.

Patricia’s commitment to excellence is evident in her pursuit of professional development, holding numerous financial qualifications. Her industry knowledge and insights make her a sought-after speaker at various industry events, where she shares her expertise and contributes to shaping the future of the medtech and biotech sectors.

Patricia’s skill set encompasses pitch deck services, development of financial models, corporate finance advisory, and deal structuring. Her astute understanding of the venture capital sector enables her to guide companies towards successful growth and maximise their potential.

With her unwavering dedication to supporting transformative innovations, Patricia is a driving force behind Norcliffe Capital’s success in the ever-evolving landscape of medtech and biotech investments.

Patricia is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Norcliffe Capital. Having worked in finance for over 26 years, Patricia has a wealth of professional experience in advisory, finance and private equity.

Since 2013, Patricia focused exclusively on pre-investment due diligence, capital fundraising under the EIS and SEIS and post-investment business management. Her representative transactions cover a range of industries including life sciences, healthcare, technology and IoT.

Prior to this, Patricia spent 15 years at RBS providing strategic financial advice for the corporate and commercial banking sectors.

Patricia holds a number of professional financial qualifications and is a regular speaker at industry events.

Pitch Deck Services
Development of Financial Models
Corporate Financial Advisory
Deal Structuring
I was on my fourth retirement when Patricia asked me to advise Norcliffe Capital and while I enjoy fishing and gardening making a difference in MedTech has always been my passion so, the decision was easy! It has been an exciting experience talking to young scientists and entrepreneurs across the UK about their ideas to improve people’s lives and create great companies. We have developed a rigorous selection process which means we only support around 4 high quality companies a year.
Professor David Onions, CSA

David Onions, PhD FMedSCi DVMS(hon) FRSA FRSE, is an investor in biomedical companies and former Chief Medical Officer of Invitrogen/Life Technologies (now Thermo Fisher). He founded 2 biotechnology companies (Q-One Biotech and BioOutsource) which, in total, exited for ˜$100M and he was involved in the buy-out of BioReliance which was sold for $350M to Sigma-Aldrich (now Merck KGaA).

He was formerly a member of the board of BioReliance, VP of its commercial operations and the Chief Scientific Officer of the company. Prior to that he was a founder and President of Q-One Biotech Inc., a company involved in the GMP production and safety evaluation of biotechnology products. The company was awarded the Scottish Council for Development & Industry Award 2002 and the Biotech Scotland Award 2002. In 2003 the company was acquired by Invitrogen (now Thermo-Fisher) where David Onions became the Chief Medical Officer, overseeing the company’s developments of clinically based molecular programs.

In 2007 David was involved in a management buyout of BioReliance from Life Technologies and in 2012 the company was sold to Sigma-Aldrich. He was a co-founder of BioOutsource a rapidly growing service company for the biotechnology industry which was sold to Sartorius in 2015. In 2014 he became a founder director of Citalytics Inc. a company involved in statistical and analysis and unstructured text analysis for Life-Science companies.

Prior to his commercial activities David was Professor of Veterinary Pathology at the University of Glasgow and Director of the Leukaemia Research Fund’s Human Virus Centre.

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