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Biosceptre International is a pharmaceutical company pioneering the development of a CAR-T therapy for the treatment of a broad range of cancers.


Afon Technology is developing a completely non-invasive blood glucose monitor that delivers results in real-time, enhancing the take up and quality of daily management programs for diabetics.


NeedleSmart has developed a family of devices to sterilise and destroy hypodermic needles post procedure, preventing needlestick injuries and reducing disposal costs by up to 80%.


ClinSpec Diagnostics has developed a cancer diagnostic system using a simple blood test analysis. Their spectroscopy device provides a simple, quick and cheap cancer diagnostic known as the ‘Drop, Dry, Detect’ technique.


Wi-Fi Securities has developed an innovative system called SpriteGuard™ that transforms the security and customer experience of public access wi-fi users by preventing cyberattacks and providing a range of spatial analytics.


Biosceptre International  Limited

Biosceptre International Limited is a UK-based biopharmaceutical company pioneering the development of a CAR-T therapy for the treatment of a broad range of cancers.

The company has identified a unique target, nfP2X7, which is found only on cancer cells, but not on normal cells. This target will be used by state-of-the-art immunotherapies to specifically target and kill the cancer cells, whilst leaving normal cells unaffected. This should avoid the potential for unpleasant side effects currently associated with the treatment of cancer.

The company has a world class leadership team with the Scientific Advisory Board led by Sir Greg Winter, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2018.

Norcliffe Capital raised £6 million on behalf of Biosceptre to progress its CAR-T development program, including IND enabling preclinical and first in man studies for its haematological, solid tumour and monoclonal antibody programs.

Biosceptre has a pre-money valuation of £271 million and a forecasted valuation in 2025 between £3 billion and £14 billion.

Afon Technology Limited

Afon Technology Limited is developing a non- invasive continual blood glucose monitoring device that delivers results in real-time, enhancing the take up and quality of daily management programs for diabetics.

Norcliffe Capital has raised £3.3m of investment on behalf of Afon Technology enabling the Company to enter the final 12 months of development prior to CE marking.

Recent trials in a world leading diabetes clinical centre in Germany have demonstrated the efficacy of the technology with performances on par to those achieved with commercial invasive devices.

Afon is seeking to raise a further £5,000,000 to develop the device ready for CE marking and FDA approval. Afon Technology has a forecasted valuation in 2022 between £50 million and £100 million.

NeedleSmart Limited

NeedleSmart Limited has developed market-leading technology to sterilise and destroy hypodermic needles.  The needle is heated to 1300 degrees and compressed into a sphere, creating a non-sharp and negating the use of sharps bins. The device addresses two issues: preventing needlestick injuries and reducing disposal costs by up to 80%.

The device also collects data to facilitate a seamless record and reordering system for patients and practitioners. The handheld device for diabetics will also provide reminders and compliance data, to enable clinicians to fine tune a patient’s therapy.

Norcliffe Capital has raised £9 million of equity on behalf of NeedleSmart to develop the family of devices, achieve CE mark and FDA approval before commencing global sales.

ClinSpec Diagnostics Limited

ClinSpec has developed a cancer diagnostic system using simple blood test analysis. It employs infrared spectroscopy coupled with machine learning, artificial intelligence to recognise molecular changes associated with specific cancers in a blood sample.

The first clinical evaluations have been published in leading medical journals and the system is protected by strong IP. This revolutionary and simple, “drop, dry, detect” system has the potential to save lives through early and cost-effective diagnosis.

ClinSpec’s second round of funding will enable them to develop their technology into a multi cancer blood test which could pick up 65% of all cancers. The technology can be extended to other diseases by training new diagnostic algorithms.

ClinSpec uses standard spectroscopy techniques which means their test could be conducted in hospitals and GP surgeries rather than using specialist laboratories. Indeed, ClinSpec’s technology could be used as a precautionary cancer screening tool which can lead on to more expensive DNA testing if needed.

ClinSpec’s objective is to detect cancers early before symptoms become obvious which will save lives. ClinSpec has a current valuation of £9.03 million and a forecasted valuation in 2025 of over £100 million.

Wi-Fi Securities Limited

Wi-Fi Securities Limited has developed an innovative IP protected system called SpriteGuard™.

The SpriteGuard™ system:

The SpriteGuard™ system scans and detects all wireless hotspots within the surrounding area and all devices connected to them (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) for illegitimate Wi-Fi hotspots. If a device accidently connects to an illegitimate hotspot SpriteGuard™ stops the connection being made and redirects the device to the correct and legitimate hotspot.

The device also provides significant spatial analytic data to help companies identify how their environment is used.

Norcliffe Capital has raised £1.5 million to date. Wi-Fi Securities require a further £3.5 million to take the system from MVP to final product development, through CE mark and into the market by early 2022.