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UncategorizedMarch 10, 20230AFON Technology’s Ground breaking Non-Invasive Device Takes Center Stage in Diabetes Science and Technology Journal

Afon Technology – AFON’ s breakthrough development of a non-invasive glucose monitor has just been published in the prestigious Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (Handy et al 2023). Unlike current continuous glucose monitors Afon’s device has no needles, no pain and no delay in reporting the glucose level. The clinical study conducted at the world famous Profil centre in Germany showed Afon Technology’s device achieved accuracy comparable to first generation continuous glucose monitors. More recent data of the next generation device, being trialled in the NHS, has shown an accuracy equivalent
to the latest generation of CGMs and will be published soon.

Handy C. et al. Noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring With a Novel Wearable Dial Resonating Sensor: A Clinical Proof-of[1]Concept Study. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 1–8 © 2023 Diabetes Technology Society DOI: 10.1177/19322968231170242


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